Friday, October 5, 2012

Craigslist - the societal black hole.

Where do I sign up?!?
Ahh I love thee.  I spent an entire summer interning for an actual government office (this is the first unbelievable fact). 

The second more reasonable assertion - is that since I was the only person not in law school & barely qualified to run a copy machine, let alone write legal briefs, they had me monitor Craigslist.  This was not an actual position they had open, it was made to accomodate my underqualified juvenile ass.

Anways, yes I literally spent a summer reading about people who want to pay other people to shit & piss on them as they give handjobs to buff jock undergrads in a parking lot. 
"In case you can't read this...he wants another dude to come over and jerk off with him on a model train set, then stomp around like monsters and kick the trains and buildings over.  Oh yeah, he also has a ton of imitation crab meat in his freezer in case they're hungry.  Of course he does, why wouldn't he??? YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP PEOPLE!

You're definitely probably normal, right?
I would be lying if I didn't say this was the best job I have ever had. 

I'm gonna give you a fancy link to read, but honestly just check out the one in your area.  Looking at your local Craigslist is like taking a scenic nature walk in the woods when you decide to lift up a beautiful old log, only to find it crawling with breeding larvae underneath.  It is the societal underbelly & it is right next door...

If you can pretend to not be a complete prude for five minutes you will find a black hole of unintentional entertainment & depraved hilarity that hits too close to home.

My personal Recommendations: (if you never want to feel safe leaving home again)
For the romantic delusional lonar- Missed Connections
For the true perverted sadist - Casual Connections

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