Friday, July 27, 2012

People my age who piss me off - aka. hipsters

I look like I'm not trying, right?


FYI you are irritating...also spoiled and delusional. So what that for the 6 months you studied abroad in Europe you dressed like this everyday?  You're not in fucking Europe anymore; you probably never were.

By all standards you are a recognizable adult, yet you use a refined version of the same attention seeking behaviors I used when I was 13, like wearing eccentric accessories and talking loudly about inappropriate shit in public just to make other people cringe. 

"Have you ever heard of Che Guevera?  He's the guy on that T-shirt I wear all the fucking time. Yeah, he was like this revolutionary communist, or Marxist, or umm socialist, or whatever the thing is that is cooler than Capitalism.  Anyways, have you heard of the 99%?"

Boho Chic coffee shop girl,  Skateboard dude that looks homeless on purpose, and bearded guy with the fake vintage tee shirt.  Let's break this shit down for a second.  You are purposely recreating the look of people who are actually poor & don't give a shit because they have real life shit to worry about - by spending inordinate amounts of daddy's money using the attention to detail of Hannibal Lector, to find overpriced items worn out by machines because you care too much.  A fourth grader who just learned about context clues could find the astounding ironies in this. 

OMG, I just got back from Coachella, it was boss.  I didn't even have to take any time off of work, because work is for assholes.

PS. You are not all good at art, you don't really have better taste in music than regular people, and we all know you try harder at 2PM on a Wednesday (because you somehow don't need to work?) than I do at 9PM on a Saturday night when I'm getting ready for the club to blow off some steam I earned being a fucking adult.

I ride my skateboard everywhere (except the elevator).


  1. So basically you hate all people who have the confidence to do what they want to and not what is socially expected of them! Just because they follow their own rules and work outside the expected norm...this pisses you off?!

    You state on your profile "Single white female who enjoys all things inappropriate" yet you spend most of this blog hating on people for being inappropriate!! Quote "Skateboard dude that looks homeless on purpose". You have double standards!

    I'm coming to the conclusion that you hate everyone who doesn't act and dress like you. You come across as a very bitter person who needs to stop worrying about what other people are doing and focus on yourself in the attempt to......grow up!

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      I can kind of understand your sentiment, but I also have to hold my ground a little here and say that I think you're misconstruing the point a bit. What the subtext of my post is meant to illustrate is the irony in spending a large amount of energy and money into appearing as though one has no money & does not value the opinions of others, wherein the act of expending large amounts of either seems to nullify that intent.

      But, to be fair, YES - I do have kind of a problem with people who don't contribute anything to society or culture at large. If you can make a mark, a unique point, or create an idea worth spreading - even if it goes against the grain; I definitely DO NOT have a problem with that, in fact I would encourage it. IF you are sweet fucking skateboarder, a young political renegade, or a rampant lover of the arts - that is fucking awesome, seriously! If you have ANYTHING valid, unique, & authentic to present to the world, PLEASE DO IT, we need more of that, but whatever you 'are', BE THAT THING; don't be something you're not, don't follow trends for the sake of fitting in. In my post I cite the example of a vapid moronic girl who doesn't do anything with herself except contribute to her own vanity by following stupid fashion trends & mediocre bands all on her parents charge card <--- that is the thing I don't have a lot of respect for.

      If you ARE that girl (or guy), figure out something you are interested in. If you like writing, WRITE, if you like singing, SING, if you don't know what you like, do some shit until you figure it out, but don't sit around on your ass and think the world owes you a lifetime vacation just because you were born. You have to contribute, and eventually you will figure out something you are awesome at & the world will be a better place b/c you tried really hard at SOMETHING. Hopefully that helps clarify my stance on lemming hipsters vs. unique people with their own perspective.

      To be fair to me, I don't think anywhere in my post I profess to hate people with confidence, or those who do not do what is socially expected of them, unless the thing they do that is not socially expected of them is act like a dumbass and take up space at Starbucks. In fact, the majority blog (there are other posts, although this one seems to generate A LOT of the traffic, apparently people are fucking fascinated with hipsters) is ABOUT being WEIRD and NOT following social conventions, no matter what part of the population you identify with.

      You are correct that in my 'bio' I say I love all things inappropriate, (which I guess unfortunately?) is not limited to indiscriminately making fun of all types of people, in this case hipsters were the victim, but in most cases I make fun of myself (this is called being self-deprecating) & perhaps if you read some more of this blog (PLEASE! <3) you might see that I am equally, if not harder, on myself as I am on anyone else I choose rant about.

      Also, I apparently should point out that this is a SATIRICAL blog, not a manifesto,, or my diary, so please keep that in mind should you decide to ever venture back here again. To all the hipsters far and wide who may be upset about this, allow me to clarify my stance (thank you anonymous for the opportunity) and apologize to you and ANONYMOUS if I came across as an old bitter meany. PEACE & LOVE

    2. Also, if you need a place to vent your frustration about people who hate hipsters, please direct your anger towards - They REALLY fucking hate hipsters (also it's fucking hilarious).