Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ke$ha Smells like a Dirt Soda

POST SCRIPT 3 years later: This post makes me a huge jerk.  Making fun of actual people can be funny and make ourselves feel better, but it's overall just not nice.  So I would like to just state that on the record.  Kesha is probably a really nice girl & I was not being a very nice girl when I wrote this.  Now if you read it, you might not be a very good girl/boy either, but I will let you sort your own shit out.

Ke$ha is literally the bane of my existence. There is something so effing desperate and phony about this girl it makes me cringe, and yet I am strangely obsessed with her. How can this awk-ass bitch be so damn popular?? Like people genuinely like her horrible music and adolescent attention seeking antics. I can't stand it.

I like to watch videos of her years before any Hollywood makeup artists got their hands on her and pasted feathers and glitter all over her to distract the world from her true identity.   I'm gonna go drink a glass of wine and be wicked bitter over her mediocre skill set and mind-blowing success.

Be gone wannabe!

If your like myself and cant get enough Ke$ha bashing check these links:
Ke$ha performs @ high school talent show sans dead animal skulls and B.O.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs4jeV9HN5w

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