Thursday, July 19, 2012


My rampant insecurity is attractive, right?

So I have been watching HBO's GIRLS, & by watching I mean ravenously consuming them like a fat white trash family at a hotel buffet. In episode 3 that awkward virginy one tries to gives the annoyingly cool British one (do you capitalize that?) some "He's Just Not that Into You" type book that explains to women how to hide all their naturally neurotic tendencies so guys will dump them at 6 months instead of 3.

This is so fucking true. Everytime I am feeling 1/2 way decent about my life, I find myself at a nail salon, getting shit talked in Mandarin, reading a wrinkled/ripped 3 month old copy of Cosmo that is riddled with the Rhino Virus, when I come upon some article like "How to Please Your Man" or "How you Know He's Not the One". 

I will inevitably hate read the shit out of these until I go from thinking I'm cool, secure, & well liked, to unsexy, insecure, & naive.  If you're not a completely vapid moron you will  hear a small voice in your head that whispers "stop it, stop it, stop it - this shit is the fucking devil." But you won't, you will be weak & read it all the way through until you are convinced your whole life is mostly wrong by your design.  Now your pampered trip to the salon has become an expensive pity party.
2 B's, 1 C, & 4D's....does that mean he is cheating on me with my mom or my dog?

Then, you will more than likely go to Barnes & Noble buy 'He's Just Not that Into You', get jacked up on woman power, call your boyfriend & demand to know why he doesn't validate you.

Instead of accomplishing feeling good about yourself & working towards a better relationship, you have just become an angry depressed irrational nazi whose boyfriend likes them less.

"Girl: OK, let's go at the same time!  Ready - 1,2,3..
Boy: I think we should see other people.../Girl: I LOVE YOU! Wait, what?"

As the great Lena Dunham explained, "Yeah, I hate read that book."  I mean there are some generically good tips in them like: If a guy bangs you on the 1st date and never calls you back - calling him 1 million times & asking his friends about him probs ain't gonna get him to come to Christmas dinner.  Also behaving that way makes you a total asshat who more then likely does not read books anyway; in which case good luck & use protection.

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