Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Unemployed job hunter goes postal

My friend works for an ad agency and they recently posted an opening on Craigslist of all places (see prior posts for my unabashed love for this site). What they received, was perhaps the best response of all time. 
"Oh look, there's hundreds of ads, this should be easy."
Below is an excerpt of my conversation with her...enjoy.

My friend: "So my company posted a craigslist ad for a web developer help and this was a reply we got..."

"Oh look, we got a response!"

"You know, I email prob 30 employers a day and never get any reply, although
Im far more than qualified.  Your asking someone to do a task any PC
enthusiast could do. I can do this kind of shit with my eyes closed. But that
doesn't matter to you idiotic employers cause you'll end up hiring some dumb
fuck college kid who got drunk 24/7 while his daddy paid for his whole tuition in
cash. Fuck off and fuck your company. I hope you go out of business next
"I got my 1st real job bro, let's go get hammered on my dad's AMEX to celebrate."
I honestly can't knock the guy for feeling this way, and I think he lent a pretty honest voice to the frustration many people have felt at one time or another.  Who hasn't been on the sending end of seemingly endless job inquiries, bullshit cover letters, and mind numbing hours spent sifting through and applying to jobs we know we would rather wipe our asses with then spend our lives doing, only to be sent back auto-replies or worse, nothing at all
"How about you take your amateur hour, piece of shit, underpaid job and shove it up your @$$!"
Going through that, especially for extended periods of time, compounded with the stress of unemployment, could make even the sanest person feel like they were about to snap.  The anonymity of the internet plus feelings of frustration between what this guy wanted and those who he perceived to be keeping it from him, finally pushed him over the edge, and in a way, I'm glad they did, mostly because it was fucking hilarious, but also because I think we can all relate.

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