Monday, August 23, 2010

Here, smell some pee.

Okay, are these people putting us on? First of all they start out in this makeshift scientific pee lab with their lab coats and some Mr.Bigglesworth evil cat graphic staring you down like "I'm about to make you smell my piss", and lets not gloss over the fact that her male lab partner is definitely a pedophile. Fine - be serious about your litter all day, we all need to make a buck, but just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder they bring in this sampling group who are just willingly smelling pee like they're sampling gelato, like where did you find these willing participants, is there someone behind the camera with a gun? They can't get enough of it. 
And just when it couldnt get ANY weirder, we find out the secret ingredient of the litter (because we're obviously dying to know) is CORN!, what, corn? what, and then there start eating it!? Can someone please just tell me this is a fake commercial already, or at least that they have a genius marketing team with a killer sense of humor??

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