Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things that make me pee a little

So this is the place where I will put the 'little things' that help get me through my day.  Today's feature:

Gothic Models

So about 10% of the weird girl population from my hometown has magically sprung out of awkwardness and become 'models'.  Immediately intrigued by the idea of how the nose picker from the back row is now a 'model'  I set out to do my research.  Turns out there is an ever-growing niche of modeling called 'alternative modeling' aka creepy 46 year old dudes taking non-paid pics of weird half-nude gothic girls pretend diking it out with bloody knives and hot topic corsets.  

Part of me was secretly jealous I have yet to find my own corner of the market of modeling where I belong and the other part of me was genuinely confused at how rampantly popular this shit is.  I know I don't have a penis, but I thought I was at least a little clued in to what the male species gets off on.  Turns out I clearly have no idea.  Either way, its endlessly entertaining.
Check it out for yourselves, (My favorite's Layla ;) )

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