Monday, August 23, 2010

Anti-aging miracle city (aka Thank God, I don't have to kill myself at 28 now!!!)

Ya it's a long video, but if you're a woman like myself who realizes that her value to the outside world directly coincides with my age and depletes 5% with every year that goes by, then you listen to me when I tell you - we finally have something to live for (according to my homeboy Aubrey). You literally have no idea how excited this makes me! I live in absolute fear of the next approaching day, everyday of my life.
I cannot even begin to admit to you at age 21 the embarassing hoops I have jumped through to prevent aging, or how many schemes I have made to become someones young mistress (if only to avoid being some younger, hotter guys starter wife, ick). My fear of aging is absolutely pathetic (and yet completely rational). This man-genius/hero of humanity has forever changed my perspective. This was in 2005, so according to his logic I should be able to start taking my anti-aging supplements that will make me live to 1,000 any second now. Why has every major new outlet not broken this story!!!??? Thank me later ladies!

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